Sunday, January 3, 2010

Deals and Steals

Have you all been getting any good deals lately???? If so I want to hear about them! I know you all have had to have gotten some really good after Christmas deals!

I have been cleaning house at Target this week! Have I mentioned how much I love that place!!!! Even Lilee wants to go there every day! lol.......

Some of my Target deals include their after Christmas deals. I bought a lot of things 1/2 off but now they have whats left ......... 75% off. Here are some of my best deals.

~ Christmas shaped and colored marsh mellows .39 cents......... I bought 2 packs of these. I will use them for dessert or use them for Hot Chocolate.

~ speaking of Hot Chocolate...... Target has $1 Q off their Swiss Miss. I got that free since a box was .99 cents.

~ Pillsbury Cupcake mix.... 2 boxes .49 cents. I bought 2 boxes for under a $1. w/ out Q's. I'm sure there are q's I could have used to have gotten it for free.

~ bags of premium m&m's for .09 cents (I used 2 $1 q's for this deal)

~ dark chocolate m&m's .49 ( I used a $1 off q for this deal.)

~ 2 gift pks of Lip Smacker chapstick - free (used $1 q's to make it free)

~ My Little Pony marked down to $1.74.

~ 3 large printed gift bags marked down to .37 cents ea.

~ method hand soap - .54 cents. (used a $2 off Q )

~ 6 boxes of Special K cereal ( my favorite )
- 2 boxes free
- 4 boxes on sale for $2.39 ea. I had a $5 off Q for 4 boxes.... so I ended up paying $4.54 for 6 boxes of cereal.

~ I have 2 big doggies so I loved this deal!
They had their Pedigree for $18.99 for a 40 lb bag, but when you bought a bag you got a $5 gift card back. So that made it $13.99. I had $2 off Q's so I paid $11.99 for a 40 lb bag of Pedigree. I bought 3 of these because It's hard to come across deals like these!

~ Last but not least..... My Favorite Target Deals
- I bought Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure and Santa Buddies for $4.99 for both, thats $2.49 for ea. movies after 3 coupons!!!! Cool huh!

* Go on over to Targets website to find their printable q's.

CVS Deals

They had their Hand Renewal hand soap and their Ivory 3 pks soap for .99 cents ea.
~ I used $1 off q's for those and ended up paying the tax for the 2 hand soaps and 1 pk of soap.

Food Lion Deals

I bought :

~ 4 pks of bacon .99 cents ea. total $3.96
~ 2 pks of Kraft Cheddar and Colby Jack Blocks $1.50 ea. total $3.00
~ 2 pks of Extra Gum .69 cents ea. total $1. 38
~ 5 boxes of Special K cereal I paid $1.50 for all 5
~ .34 taxes

Total for all 13 items $10.18 I only had Q's for the cheese and the cereal. I thought that was a pretty good deal!

Harris Teeter

I bought :
~ pk of Deer Park Water
~ cool whip
~ Heluva French Onion dip
Total $3.16 after Q's

I have gotten tons of deals lately but these are some that are fresh in my mind!



Heather said...

Good for you! I haven't gotten many deals lately either. One of my New Year's resolutions is to get serious about couponing again. I had to take a break during the month of Dec. to keep my sanity - ha ha! Have to get back into it again before this baby comes so I can learn how to work diapers, formula, wipes, etc. into our budget again - oh my!!!

Terri said...

Since you asked..... lol
I just got back from Gymboree and they clearanced a bunch of there summer clothes. I bought tons of shirts and shorts for Abbie and Isaiah for 3.99 each. These were regularly 25.00 and above! I bought so many things in different sizes so I could use them for b-day presents, baby showers gifts and so forth! All our summer clothing for them is done!

By the way, Victoria Secret put a bunch of make up for 75% off!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Terri for the heads up! Will be heading there!

Rhonda said...

wow, way to go! you rock girl!