Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Deal And A Message..........

First of all I wanted to let you all know that I am taking orders again for my hats and tutu's for Valentines Day! Stop by and check out some pictures of some of my cute little customers! I will be adding new posts over the next couple of day! If you want a tutu for your little one or for a gift for Valentines Day (or Jan. & Feb) let me know now. My list is already starting to fill up!

Terri ( this ones for you) thanks for reminding me about another deal that I had gotten last week from Victoria Secret.

I bought:

~ 2 Body Rush Lotions,

~1 Body Rush Body Sprays,

~1 Pink nourishing Shea bar of soap.

I thought the Body Rush's were 3/ $11.99 but when I got up to pay for my order they were $3 ea. What a Steal!

(Of course)I had a $10 off coupon . I didn't have enough to equal $10, so I found the Pink Nourishing Shea Bar of soap for 75% off it was $1.25.

But I only ended up paying .27 cents for all 4 items. Can't beat that!

This was before their Semi- Annual Sale started!!! Thanks for the heads up Terri about their make up! That's what I wear..... I will be heading there!

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