Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone! Can you believe it is 2010 already! I just hope this year is better then last year!!!!

I am finally getting the first chance to post some Christmas pictures! So here is a look into our Christmas in pictures.

These are a few pictures we took the Sunday before Christmas. All dressed up and ready for Church.

Some of these pictures are really washed out from the sun...

Here are some of our decorations............ Inside...........

The kids decorated the tree all by themselves . I usually go with a theme or certain colors but here is their version. This was the first year we have had bows on the tree.

The decorations outside. The boys w/ Karlton's help , decorated the outside.

We did a lot of baking. Here are a couple of the treats we made. These are Chocolate Mint Macadamia cookies.

The kids made Gingerbread Men before Santa came on Christmas Eve.

Before Santa came.....................

and after..............

The kids woke us up at 4:15 to let us know Santa had come. Yippy ;0)......... So I did not get to many pictures of them with their toys needless to say. Karlton did film it... I hope! They go through stuff so fast its incredible!

One quick shot after they ripped through all their presents.

I have more Christmas pictures...... but that will have to wait until another post!


Blog Owner said...

What a handsome family! Love the dresses on the girls and the boys look so grown-up.

Vanessa said...

Your family is so beautiful!!! Praying your New Year is a wonderfully blessed one!

Rhonda said...

did you say 4:15 am???? holy moly girl. We have a rule in our house NOT before 6:00 am!!!! What a fun time!