Friday, January 29, 2010

My Hot Pink Tutu And Hat / Glove Sets

Here are a few sets ready to ship for Valentines Day. The Hot Pink Tutu w/ Hot Pink Hat w/ Black Bow is $40 (shipping included in price) buying this as a matching set saves you $4. If you do not need shipping e-mail me for the price . All bows on the hats are hair bows so they are removable.

* The tutu is $29 (all prices include shipping)

* The Hot Pink Hat w/ Black Bow is $15

I have matched these 2 hat sets with my hot pink and black tutu. If you buy these in the sets I have together it will save you a few $'s..... You can buy these separately too. If you are interested in any of these items let me know. You can e-mail me at or go to to see more sets.

The Hot Pink Tutu and Black Hat set w/ Gloves is $45 (this includes shipping). See the gloves Lilee is wearing in the picture above. Buying this a matching set for all 4 pieces saves you $5.

* This Hat set w/ Gloves is $20 ( all prices include shipping) Save $2 buying them as a matching set.

* The Hat by itself is $17

* The Gloves by themselves are $5

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Mama Bear said...

LOVE the sets, so cute. You are soooo talented. I soooo love that last picture. OMGOSH she is just the cutest ever.