Friday, May 14, 2010

FFF's "Meet The Newest Shrum"

Last Fri. I was out watering my Hydrangeas and there was a cat (that has been hanging around for a few months ) in my bushes hissing and growling at me. I was getting a little worried and thought I dare you to make one move at me I will spray you down with my hose..... I kept on watering and when I started watering the Hydrangea that is behind the tree this tiny little thing came shooting out.

Did I fool you all???? Lol! Isn't she just the sweetest!!!

She is still pretty tiny.... you can see she fits in Jordan's hands.

This is why that poor mama cat was having a fit. She was protecting her baby! Now..... the mama is friendly with us. She Loves Joel!!! Joel feeds her and waters her.... She even lets him pick her up. I tried once and she let me for a few seconds. The mama is beautiful. I need to take pictures of her too! We will be getting rid of her in a few more weeks when I know the baby is old enough to take care of herself. This is the first kitties at our house because Jordan was extremely allergic to them when he was little! He ended up in the hospital twice over some of the families indoor cats. He is doing fine with them... I think because they are out doors. Where they will stay! I've never been much of a cat person myself..... but I love all babies! How could I resist! The mama is apparently a stray. She has no collar and is thin as a rail. But we are feeding her and taking care of her too. She was eating our dogs food.... but now she has her own cat food that she is might happy about! We will fatten her up in no time!

So this is Peanut Butter...... The boys named her. They named the mama Reese. I guess Candy was on their brain that day!?!?

She sticks out her tongue a lot.... Isn't it precious!


jodi said...

oh she is so cute!!!!

Maria and Family said...

so sweet :) mama's need love too ya know ;)