Saturday, May 1, 2010

Triple Coupons At Harris Teeter

It is triple coupons at Harris Teeter this week. Make sure you make a trip and use those coupons... it is well worth it!!!! Harris Teeter is my Favorite grocery store!!! Its the classiest grocery store around! Clean, the best products, and friendly people! The girls love to go to get a free balloon and cookie, the boys love all their free samples and I love the cup holder on the buggy to put my Chia Tea Latte in from Starbucks. Most HT have a Starbucks. =0)

They had triple coupons right before Easter and I scored $90 worth of groceries for free..... well almost free! I ended up paying the tax.

The only bad thing about HT is that you can only use 20 coupons a day. So I end up usually making a few trips. Here is how I have done so far this week........

TRIP 1 - I bought $40.18 worth of groceries for $7.09

TRIP 2- I bought $51.56 worth of groceries for $8.45

TRIP 3- Was the BEST!!!! I bought $104 worth of groceries for $5.63 SCORE!!!!!!


Total from all 3 trips = I spent $21.17 For $195.74 worth of groceries!
That is a 89% savings

1 comment:

Mom (Nana) said...

Way to go! That is fantastic.
Wish I could get in that routine.
I bought $111.00 worth of groceries
and paid $111.00- Not So Good!!!!
Keep up the thrifty shopping.
You're a pro.

Love ya lots and bunches,
Love to the children, too!
Your Mamma