Friday, May 7, 2010


Josiah is ready to take off w/ me in the morning .................

( I am pretending this is a picture of me instead of Lilee running.... because first of all she is fast.... and second of all she is a lot cuter then I am running!)

I am preparing myself mentally and physically for my race tomorrow morning..... Josiah is running with me. He has been training with me this week and has come a long way...... I am very proud of him for running since he just started this week and especially for wanting to run a race.
I think its has to do with the competition thing! I wish I could have done that.... decided a few days before a race that I want to run..... go out and practice 3 times and be ready to roll! I guess that is what being a kids is all about! Ahhhhh! I have been doing this a for a little more then 11 mo. and just now feel that I might be ready... Lol!
I am taking today off to rest so I will be ready at 7:30 am to run my first 5K. I almost ran 20 miles this week. That is about 3 more miles then I am use to. I also worked on my speed running 2 miles in 17 min. Which is great but that 3rd mile really slows me down. My body has really been aching this week with more miles and speed that I hope I feel OK tomorrow morning! ;0) I am taking Sunday off on Mothers Day to REST as well! Looking forward to that!
Please say a prayer for us in the morning that we both finish the race all in one piece!

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Live to love and laugh said...

Good Luck! I am sure you are not going to have a problem finishing. Have fun and congratulations on your first big run!