Monday, June 28, 2010

Isla Roatan, Honduras Part 1

I am breaking Isla Roatan up into 3 parts.... This was by far our most favorite Island that we went to ,and took the most pictures of. These first few pictures was of us pulling into port early morning of Day 5.

There were many ship wrecks that we could see right from our ship.

We unloaded into Carnival's new port. They had just opened it up in Dec.

We did a little shopping while waiting for our excursion to begin.

We saw these island men playing some tropical music on the way to our tour bus.

Josiah checking our the scenery on the drive through the mountains.

Once we arrived at Gumbalimba Park, (which I totally recommend!) we saw this cool looking tree. One of its roots looked like an alligators tail.

I used one of these bamboo swings on the beach. I must say they are not made for comfort!

More pictures from walking around the grounds......

Then it was time to go clear kayaking...........

the guys waiting to load up..........

Karlton and Josiah took one kayak and I rode in one with another man that I knew would not splash , or try to dump me out. I did not trust my 2 guys with a camera on board.

I was informed not to take my camera, but I just had too!!!!! Since I was taking all the pictures there are non of me ;0(

This was my view from my kayak.....

The boys chilling..........

This is what the water looked like through the clear kayak.

Once we were back Karlton and Josiah went snorkeling, while I chilled out on the beach.

Be sure to read parts 2 & 3..................

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