Saturday, June 26, 2010

Isla Roatan, Honduras Part 2

This was what I did while the boys were snorkeling...... I was still so sunburned that I was afraid to take off my cover up, which made swimming uncomfortable. So, I decided to hang out while they had fun!

I walked around on the beach ................

and in the warm crystal clear water.................

and took pictures of all the beautiful scenery around me.

I also swung in a bamboo swing, and then sat in a beach chair and chilled! ;0)

After the boys were finished snorkeling we went on a hike through the jungle.

I was the first to cross this swinging bridge.

We came across come parrots.....

We even got to hold them.

We saw lots of these .......

and these on our hike.

Then we came to these little silly creators..... Ever heard of monkey see, monkey do? (look at Siah and his monkey's face). Josiah loved these monkey's! He even came back that day with dirty little paw prints on his shirt from these little guys!

If you look hard you can see what this monkey is holding.... He snatched someones glasses and then ran up a tree. He looked threw those things for 30 minutes. He was so fascinated! It was soooo funny!

Then I tried to take a picture of this guy........

and then he jumped on my head......And gave me a new do!

This was one big iguana!

After are hike was over we headed back to grab a bus back to the ship.

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