Friday, September 17, 2010

GOD Is Moving..........

God has been really moving in helping me raise the money to buy the things Roxana and her family are in need of. Here is what we have raised so far. I say we because I can tell you are praying with me!!!

So far we have enough money to buy the family food for a month, water filter, and the traditional clothing that Roxana needs.

We still need to raise $83.50 for a bed that will sleep 3 and costs $170. We are almost there!!! Whoo hoo!!! But, please keep praying that we can raise these funds quickly!!!! If you would like to donate and help Roxana's family please e-mail me at Any amount is very much appreciated!

This is one of the pictures Roxana has sent me. It is a picture of where she lives w/ a letter that she wrote in Spanish.

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