Thursday, September 23, 2010

Roxana's Auction

 Tickets are $5/1 or $20/5. 100% of ALL proceeds will go to buying food and things this family is in need of! ( You can read more about Roxana and her family in several posts below.)

You can e-mail me to let me know how many tickets you want and how many tickets you are placing per item or items.Or you can leave a comment here under this post. You can place as many tickets as you want on any item/s. You can pay for your tickets through pay pal. E-mail me at to let me know how many tickets you want and I will send you an invoice or give you my account name.

I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone who has donated items for this auction! We have 11 different lots up for auction. Whooo Hooo! Thank You so much for your giving hearts toward Roxana and her family! I am touched by every one's generosity as I know Roxana and her family will be too! I will ask that all donations be held until after this fundraiser is over and sent to the winner instead of sending it to me.

Now on to the Goodies!


1. Tammy Patterson donated these 2 Guatemala shirts. These t-shirt are beautiful and soft!
Tammy and her family are selling these t-shirts to help raise money for their adoption of sweet Bella from Taiwan. So if you do not win this auction you can still purchase one through them to help them bring Bella Home. They also have these shirts for Taiwan too. You can find These t-shirts on Face Book under Simply Love Taiwan.
The front of this t-shirt says simply love. This is a Women's size M. It has turquoise lettering and some in the scrolling too.

Back of Women's Shirt

2. Child's Guatemala T-shirt is a Youth Medium (Back view)

Front of Child's t-shirt

3. This Head Band w/ removable Sun Flower Hair Bow is one of mine from
It will fit infant - teen. The flowers can be worn in hair separately. You can also change the bows or flowers with this head band to match other outfits. This Headband is part of my Fall Line.
I am also giving 10% of all my sales to Roxana and her family until this auction is closed.

4. This Infant Hat Set will Newborn to 1 year of age. This is also one of mine from http://cutiepatutu,  The Flower is a Hair bow and is removable to we worn in the hair or can be changed out to have another bow put on the hat to match any outfit. This Hat is part of my Fall Line.

5. Amy Ruston from has generously donated an outfit of your choice. If you win this auction you will be able to chose a beautiful custom fit outfit from her site for your child.

6. Gina Whaley from  has donated this awesome Men's Guatemala T-shirt. This is an XL. My husband has the t-shirt and I love it! It is so soft! What a way to make a statement! If you don't win this t-shirt don't worry she has plenty more so stop by and see what else she has. She has them on Sale this month!

Back of T-shirt

7. Mary Beth Wells from  donated this wonderful book called "Sophia Alexandra's Story  Guatemala Bound, America Bound"

 She also has $15 dollars off her dolls this month in which she will donate $5 per doll sold to Roxana. She has dolls from all over the world not just Guatemala as shown. So stop by and check them out! This will make a great Christmas present for your little one! Make sure you tell her you are shopping to help Roxana!

8. A 4t Halloween Jumper made from bright holiday cotton prints and featuring an elastic back band for a range of fit. Donated by Suzanne of Stelluna Styles. Check out her Etsy shop at  where she sells custom made clothing to help her daughter's birth family receive a monthly food shipment.

9. Lisa Spiegal-Grim donated these 3 Yummy items from Tastefully Simple  . I am a big fan of their Oh My Chai! Here are the products that Lisa has donated. 1. Bear Bread Mix 2. Potato Cheddar Soup Mix 3. Garlic Garlic Spice. Stop by the website to see larger pictures and to see what other yummy products they sell!

10 & 11.  Holly from

has donated 2 $25 gift certificates from her company. These will count as 2 different items.You can stop by her website here and check out all her things.

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