Thursday, September 2, 2010

On Turning Thirty Four

 I turned 34 on Tuesday, August 31st....I wasn't particularly looking forward to turning 34 this year, but I am glad I did. Why you ask??? Because, for my present I wanted was to drive down to Charleston (SC) to spend the day. I wanted to eat, shop, and eat some more! Mmmmm! I love Low Country food! I also asked from my children that they would allow me to take them to the beach so that I could take pictures of them, and that they would be nice and cooperate. They thought that was the dumbest birthday present ever (their exact words). But not to me!!!!

 So on Sunday we played hookie from church and took off for my Special Day. See if I was not turning 34 this day would have never happened! So this is the a reason I am glad that I turned 34. Even though technically I was still 33 when we went to Charleston. So I guess this was me living it up while I was still 33! ;0)  Here are some pictures of my Special Day....... The First one of Sara Ava and I , Lilee took. Didn't she do a good job, especially for a 4 yr. old! That's why we look like giants ;0) The second picture Karlton took. We walked by our FAVORITE Hotel, The Meeting Street Inn and he pushed me in and said, " I want to get a picture of you in the court yard so it was looks like we did get to stay here." Seriouly he did push me in ;0).  We REALLY want to go back just the 2 of us and stay there like old times!

Then we went shopping! We hit the Market first. My kids love the Market as much as we do! I will post more pictures of that soon....Then we hit King St. where all the really good shopping is! We split up. The girls and I, and the boys w/ Karlton. It makes for a much happier shopping experience this way....Trust me!

After Shopping we walked the Streets down to the Battery to see the water. One of Karlton's and my favorite things to do in Charleston is just to walk and look at all the Historic Homes and their Secret Gardens! But like I said before I will share more pictures later! On our walk it was starting to turn into a nightmare because of tired kids (mainly one of the bigger boys, who only had food and the beach one his brain!). Then  we went to eat at one of our FAVORITE Restaurants, 82 Queens....

See why I love this place so much! It is so cute and when it starts to get darker it is lit up by little lights all over the garden. They also have really good food!
Here is my Favorite! Their She Crab Soup and Fried Green Tomatoes... That is almost worth the 3 hour drive, right there!!!!

After Dinner we headed to Folly Beach for the Big Photo Shoot............( Jordan took this picture of me.) Then after the kids played a little it was time to hit the road and travel 3 hours back home. It was a full day and we were all tired , but it was worth it! The kids are still talking about it wishing we could have stayed longer! Me Too!!!

Then on my actual B/D (Tuesday) everyone was in school or at work. So Lilee and I headed to our favorite grocery store Harris Teeter, because I had been procrastinating all week. I also wanted a Chia Tea Latte and a Blue Berry Scone.That was incentive enough for me to go grocery shopping especially when Starbucks is right in side! So I get to grocery shop and enjoy my Starbucks at the same time!

After I picked all the kiddies up from school. I headed out to run early in the 95 degree weather! Big mistake........ I almost didn't finish and it made me sick! But I wanted to get it over with since we had a full evening. The boys had their first Cross Country Race of the Season and afterwards we went to eat at Apple Bee's. Did you know that kids eat for .99 cents on Tuesdays with a paying adult? I think it is 2 kids per adult. Lilee and I shared my meal so our bill was pretty cheap. Then we came home to cake. Did I tell you I picked up my own cake??? Karlton said since I was Harris Teeter I could go a head and pick out my cake. Nice huh! Oh well, at least I got what I wanted. I didn't really mind because he had to take off work early to make it to the boys race. (more about that later too.)
So that is how I turned Thirty Four!

Oh BTW.....The Cake is really yummy! I did good ;0)


The Burleys said...

Happy late Birhtday! Glad you guys had a great day in Charleston!

The Hardy Family said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcie said...

Your birthday sounds wonderful!! Glad you were able to do all those things you enjoy :)

Mary Ann said...

Thanks everyone for you comments! I really appreciate them!

Mom said...

Glad you had such a Happy Birthday!
Looks like you all had a wonderful time.
Love ya so much!