Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun At The Beach....

                          Here are some pictures of us playing on the beach while at Tybee Island.....

Jordan heading out to swim in the waves.

                                                             My little surfer dude......

                                                              Sara Ava posing for a picture..........

Josiah heading out with his little boat. He had stitches in his knee and the Dr. advised him not to get them wet. We taped them up real good with water proof tape and he thought if he was in a boat they would not get wet.....ya right.....

Lilee doing a little twist to show off her ruffle on her bikini bottom.

When I was not taking pictures or leading hikes through the water to other islands.....I tried to do a little reading.... tried is the key word here. ;0)

                          Karlton was actually filming here. I met him out in the water for a quick pic.

Some of the kiddies digging a hole.

                                                     Lilee riding the waves in on her floatie.

Jordan leading the way for Sara Ava and I for us to know how deep the water was to another little island.

                                                           Joel paddling into shore.

Watch out Mom!!!!

                                                            Joel riding a wave.... ( that is a football he is about to run over, not a head.... He did plow Lilee down a few times though ;0)


jodi said...

beautiful and cute pics!!! looks like you had a great time.

Mary Ann said...

We did Jodi, Thanks!

Mom (Nana) said...

Looks like you all had a great time. I'd like to go there sometime.
You all look good in your poses.
Jordan, check out those abs!
Love you all so much!