Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wormsloe Plantation

We love to go to Wormsloe Plantation every time we are in Savannah and Tybee Island. We love to go and walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. This time we took a picnic and then afterwards while Karlton took the kids to see all the exhibits and to hike I went for a run. The driveway is 1.5 miles lined with these gorgeous oaks. I have always wanted to run down this, so this time I made it happen. It was so peaceful and beautiful I could do this everyday and not get tired of it. By the time I caught back up with my crew I had run about 4 miles. I got my run in that day but it did not feel like it at all!

Have you ever seen the movie " The Last Song"? If so, you should remember this is Will's driveway, His house is also down the driveway but people still live in the house so it is not open to view. Which is ashamed since it it so beautiful. I tried taking a picture of the house through the tree but you can hardly see it. Plus, I was running and took it on my phone so it it not that great.... (I did not include it.) I will post more on this movie and why it is so special to us soon!

First, when we got to the entrance and paid I made the kids get out and take some pictures.... What do you think???

The last picture I took before I took off on my run so this is from the end looking back to the entrance.

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Melanie said...

Those trees are amazing! Great pics, definitely need to be put in a frame! We will need to put Wormsloe on our list of places to visit! I haven't seen the movie The Last Song, but we will have to rent it.