Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Last Song

Remember me telling you about " The Last Song Movie"..... This was Ronnie's Dad's House in the movie. We camped out and played on the Beach in front of this house while we stayed on Tybee Island. I wish I would have thought to have taken a picture of the driveway up to the house. Oh well.... We always stay about 1 block away from here on the South End. We Love it and We Love Tybee!

We also Love this movie! Last year we stayed on Tybee too for our family vacation and we went to see " The Last Song", at the movies. Without knowing where this movie was filmed at I was quite shocked to be watching everywhere in the movie that we were at or like the Wormsloe Plantation, we had just gone to that day. So that is why this movie is really special to us. We also brought the movie (YES! we bought it too) with us to watch while we were down there to watch again. It was really special to be watching the movie on the Island w/ my entire family!

To see more picture I took that are in the movie scroll down 2 post to read more. Wormsloe Plantation is where Will lived.

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