Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 2 - Part 2

Sunday (Easter morning) we left St. Augustine @ 11:00 am to head to Port Canaveral. After a few hrs. we finally arrived.

Joel in the parking lot waiting patiently for us to unload all the luggage out of the car.

Finally boarding our ship!!!!

The first thing we did was find our room. I have to say it was pretty nice. We had our own balcony. Which I recommend.

Then we headed down for our emergency training.

We were parked next to the Disney Cruise. This was our ships flag. Our crew was all Italian.

Then finally around 4:30 pm. We headed out to sea. (leaving Port Canaveral)

A lone little sail boat out in the sea.

This is what we looked at for a few days. Nothing but blue water!

After our training and watching our ship take off Joel was ready to hit the very crowded pool.
Joel is in that crowd of people in the pool. Can you find him????

This was actually the only day he asked to go swimming. The pool was salt water and very cold, so I think he got it out of his system quickly.

After exploring our ship and trying to get to know where everything was located we came back to our room to get cleaned up for dinner.

The first night dinner was casual. But the food was great!

When we came back to our room we always had a little surprise waiting for us. Sometimes we had 2 towel animals a day. This was a walrus just in case you were wondering.


Lund7 said...

How fun! Those folded towels were always so entertaining! Great pictures!

Judi and Elaina said...

I love cruises. They are so much fun. Great pics!!!

Terri said...

YOur post makes me want to run our and book a cruise! They're the you know! I love all the pictures! Keep then coming!