Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 3- Free Port, Grand Bahama Island

On Monday we pulled into Free Port (the Grand Bahama Island) early in the morning. We had gotten up early to be ready to get off the ship as soon as we ported. We had an 8:30 am apt. to swim with the dolphins.

After about a 30 min. ride on our bus we ended up at Unsexo ,the dolphin excursion place.

Then they put us on a 20 min boat ride to where the dolphins were.

We passed a light house on the way......

and a pirate ship named the Ghost. It was used in a German movie .

Then finally we arrived at the dolphin lagoon.


WE even got a few smooches from them.

This has always been a dream of mine since I could remember. My dolphin was soooo sweet. She loved me to scratch her belly like a dog. She even would come closer to me so I would do it more.

My dolphins name was Taino and Karlton and Joel's dolphin was Cacoon.

We took a few more pictures at the dolphins with Joel's water camera but I have not scanned them yet. I was afraid of ruining our camera's (video) so we did not bring them down there to long.

After the swim was finished we went up to check out the parrots they had.

After they brought us back, Joel and Karlton took a couple of pictures with the pirates.

Wonder why Karlton is smiling so big????? Hmmmm......

Joel with Blackbeard.

Then we walked over to Our Lucaya Westin where the Bachelorette was filmed w/ Deanna. We actually walked down the beach about a mile or so to get away from crowd. I am not much of a crowd person. We kind of like to do our own thing and being by ourselves.

A self portrait. I liked the little umbrella behind me and Karlton would not come out of the water long enough to take a picture of me so I did it myself. Lol! (Not a flattering one at all, I know!!) Oh well it is still proof I was laying on the beach right!?!

Joel and his daddy trying to figure out the snorkel gear. (We brought our own.)

A piece of seaweed that was laying on the beach. It reminded me of the crowns the Romans wore on their heads.

One of Joel's coconuts that he was collecting as we walked up the beach. I made him leave them and told him I would take a picture of it if he left them behind. He and Karlton tried to open a couple of them but they were all dried up.

The view as we walked up the beach.

Finally it was time to head back to the ship. We ditched our bus to stay longer at the beach, so we had to catch a taxi back to the boat. This was our taxi.... a limo. Joel was so excited to ride in a limo! ...........

He asked to take his picture getting out of it to show his brothers! lol......

We got back to our ship after a little shopping at the market by our cruise 40 minutes before we left - we cut it pretty close. This was little towel stingray that was waiting for us when we got back. We had 2 animals that day.

After we got cleaned up we headed to dinner and a show (while Joel went to Camp Carnival, he loved it and would beg us to let him go everyday!). When we got back to our room we a puppy waiting on us. Joel was always excited to get back to our room to see what surprise awaited us.


Heather said...

I am loving all of these pictures!! It makes me want to convince Jason to take us on a cruise!!

Judi and Elaina said...

And the fun continues!!! What great pictures. Dolphins are awesome and so gentle. Can't wait to see more pics.

Live to love and laugh said...

Great pictures. It looks like you have a great time. The Dolphin pictures were really nice.
Keep them coming.

Terri said...

Wow! Great bikini bod girl!!! You look like a model!!!
I'm jealous! lol
Neat pictures with the dolphins!!! What a great vacation!

Geoff M. Pope said...

Halo, Mary Ann —

I Googled for a "seaweed crown" image to complement my Easter Eve Bahama-cruise poem — and I found your wonderful photograph! May I use it, as featured here on my blog — “Ocean Sign”? If not, I can remove your photo as soon as you let me know.

Happy Resurrection Day to you and all your abundantly blessed family!


limo in long island said...

Really well done for the blog.these are so sweet and pretty!
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Nadine Shepard said...

Dolphins are cool. They're cute, and are pretty smart to boot. You took some great pictures too, and it was obvious that you had a lot of fun at the beach. You even got to get into the water with them and take pictures! They look so sweet there posing with you!