Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 4 - Part 2 - UPDATED

After lunch at Hard Rock we caught a taxi to Paradise Island to go to Cabbage Beach. Which is right beside the Atlantis.

This was the path we took to the beach.

It was pretty crowded where the path dumped us . So me being who I am said lets walk down the beach until we run out of people.

Plus it was a good plan because the ways became easier for Joel. The waves were to brutal where they broke at the shore line, to much for Joel to handle. They told me they had California waves that day.

This is my kind of water! Clear..... I will get in if I can see the bottom and my toes!LOL!

Then we made it down to a private beach area that had a huge rock.

Karlton swam around it to the other side. I climbed over the very sharp rock to meet him.

Then we started jumping off the mini cliffs.

Joel went first.....

Karlton waiting on me to jump in which I did after I made him wait a long time! Ha!

Karlton got out to dive in a few times.

We were on a private beach in front of Barry Bond and Oprah's houses. A lady informed us that the houses sold for 16.5 million in that area. Nice huh!!!!!!!!!!!

Oprah's House

Barry Bonds house

Then it was time to leave our gorgeous beach to go back to get cleaned up for dinner.

Joel not that happy about it either! None of us were really.........
When we got back to our room to get cleaned up for dinner this is what was waiting on us. A towel bunny.

Then we went to eat more casually for dinner and this was our view.

God's hand definitely shown down on us this whole amazing trip! Thank You God for all the beauty you have made and that we have gotten to experience!

After we went to a show we came back to our room to find this cute little guy hanging up on our curtains. :0)

Stay tuned one more day to go.........

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Rhonda said...

Ahhh, that was awesome. LOVE that clear blue water. Saw that in Cancun and miss that loads. What a fun time and to see Oprah's house, wooohooo!!!!! Glad you guys had so much fun and great weather.