Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 4 - Part 1 Nassau

I am breaking this up in a couple of parts because I took over 200 pictures this day in Nassau.
I usually just show my best pictures but about all the pictures this day turned out great!

Getting off the boat......

and walking over to the city in Nassau.

We did a little shopping before it was time to go on our tour.

This was mama with her new family of Rasta's. That's what she called us. Mama was actually from Haiti. Karlton and Joel bought these hats from her and walked around wearing them all day!!! They said it was to keep the sun off of them since we got so burnt the day before !?!

Then it was time to go on our History and Pirate tour of Nassau.

One of the forts we saw on our tour.

Then we went to another fort that was shaped like the front of a ship.

We could see allot of the island from up there.

Looking down at the market and the water tour.

We could see the Atlantis from up there. We did not get to go on tour at Atlantis because they were all sold out and they had the beach closed that day. The waves were to rough.

We could also see our ship from the fort.

Family shot in from of the Queen's stairs.

Looking down the Queen's stairs. These stairs were carved our of limestone by hand hundreds of years ago.

These are some of the views we saw out the window while we were on our tour by mini van.

Joel made a friend on our tour. Isaac is from England and he was also on our cruise ship. They exchanged e-mails so they can keep in touch. They have both e-mailed on another. Joel thinks it is sooo cool to have a friend in another country.

Our tour stopped on Cable beach so the kids could put their feet in the water.

This was a beautiful church that was near the Pirate Museum.

The pirate museum was the last stop on our tour . Since the other 2 wore around silly hats all day I decided if they could do it so would I. No, I really needed a sun hat too. Karlton picked this out for me. Lets just say we got many stares and comments. Mostly good ones! :0)

Joel and me being silly!

Then we headed for some lunch at the Hard Rock. If there is a Hard Rock around I try to go!
This is the 4th one I have been too. But this is the very first Hard Rock .

Stay tuned for many more pictures to come from Nassau.......


Terri said...

Your pics bring back memories from when we were in Nassau! You did alot in one day!
Did you get to try any Conk fritters? Yummmmmm

Mary Ann said...

Not in Nassau, but I have in Florida. They are yummy!I tried Alligator there too!

Terri said...

I'll pass on the alligator!

Rhonda said...

Great pictures Mary Ann. Loved seeing all of them. We haven't been there yet.