Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Easter Weekend Fun......

I started off by taking the kids to see the Easter Bunny Friday.

Then Sat. was the Easter egg hunt at Karlton's mom's house. This was just the candy that was put into the eggs for the 4 little kids.

The bigger kids had to refill the eggs so they could hid them for the little ones. Thank goodness because there were 200+ eggs that Elissa (my sister in-law) and I had to hide and I got tired of bending down!

Miss Lilee is sooo serious about hunting eggs. She loves it! This is her 2nd yr. home with us for Easter and it is so much fun!

Miss Sara Ava , she is a pro now being that this is her 3rd yr.(home) Easter egg hunting.

Mr. Joel has a real sharp eye and finds all the eggs in a hurry!

Mr. Josiah on the other hand was just interested in finding the money eggs. He passed up tons of eggs just to find them.

And the King of the egg hunting Master Jordan! This kid found most of the eggs. Even though he is 12 and in Jr. high he still loves to egg hunt. We make it super hard for the older group, so hard that I forgot were most of them were hidden. Lol!

The 7 cousins (on their daddy's side)...... Let me tell you it was no easy task to get 7 kids to even look in the same direction!
-Mary Ann-


Heather said...

That looks like so much fun! What a great day for your family.

Vanessa said...

Looks like so much fun!! I know my three kids got so much candy this weekend that I have NO idea what to do with it!! Looks like some lucky men at dear hubby's job will benefit from the new candy filled jar on his desk!

SE said...

My sisters and I (ages 28, 26, and 21) still hunt Easter eggs like our life depends on it at my parents' house on Easter Sunday. It is awesome!