Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Last Post Until We Come Back

This will be my last post until we are back from the Bahamas. We do not leave until Sat. morning, but I have tons to do and little time to do it in (Like pack for 6 people, get the Yukon ready for traveling 8-9 hrs to Port Canaveral, fixing all our animals up, cleaning house, and doing the daily mountains of laundry). Please be in prayer for us for our safety and protection. I never like leaving my kids behind.I worry to much. This is Lilee's first time staying the night anywhere and away from me. Waaaa! So I am not to sure about that one either. 2 will be at my mom's and 2 at Karlton's, Joel will be with us. Pray that everyone remains healthy, that we will have traveling mercies, and most importantly that everyone has a great time!!! I am getting excited, but for me its hard until I know everything is done and we are boarding our boat. Pray that none of us get sick on the cruise. I am prone to car sickness if I do not drive, I even get sick on a merry-go-round! I bought dramamine and the sea (wrist) bands , so hopefully that will work.

Lilee's 3rd B/D is on the 16th the day we get back, but we won't get to her until later that evening. I had to be with my daughter on her B/D. I could Not miss that!!! But we will make it up to her with a party at Chuck E Cheese the following Sun.

So get ready for a flood of pictures from the Bahamas and Lilee's B/D once we return!!!!!! Hope Everyone has a very Blessed Easter and set aside all the Easter fun for the real meaning and reflection of what Easter is all about. The Resurrections of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Live to love and laugh said...

Have a great time!
You are going to have soooo much fun. I am jealous :)
Can't wait to see pictures.

Guate4Jack said...

I did the Bahama cruise about 10 years ago, as a senior trip in high school. It was so much fun!! Have a great time and I can't wait to hear all about it!

Becky and Jack

Kristy said...

Have fun!! Can't wait to see pictures!! Wish I was going too!!! :)

Mary Ann said...

Come on Kristy pack your bags!Meet us in Port Cananveral.=0)

Mary Ann said...

Becky(and Jack), I never got an invite to read your blog. I always use to read it. And I do not know how to contact you so I hope you read this!I miss seeing Jack.

The Hardy Family said...

I can't wait to see pictures and hear about your trip!!

Rhonda said...

hope you have a great time and what an absolutely beautiful picture and outfit. Gorgeous