Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not A Wordless Wednesday - My Cool Little Cat ( Kitty)

Lets take a walk with Joel over the week he spent in Paris in his French hats. ;0)

It all began the the 2nd day when we went to eat in an Italian restaurant. Our Waiter came buy our table and stuck these hats on all of our heads.

Then Joel Decided he wanted one. Joel was trying on some hats at a little shop. He was trying to decided which style suited him best. He liked the first hat he tried on and Karlton and I liked the second hat. What do you think?

At first he only bought this hat............

                      The French ladies loved him in this hat and outfit! Especially the older ones ;0)

                   Then before we left he bought the other one. Which I think were both a good choice!

Then it was time to leave and start back home. But first we stopped in London for some fish and chips at a pub in the airport.

                              Then we had to stop in NY before Joel boarded his last plane home. Joel got a lot of compliments in London and NY with this hat! ;0)

Thanks for taking a walk through the week with Joel and his hats......... ;0)


jodi said...

He Is so handsome!!!

Nana said...

Joel! I have to say,"YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!
Love those hats on you. All Of them. You are a hat wearing guy.
Love ya bunches, Nana