Thursday, April 7, 2011

Projects Update

 Here are the pictures of some of the projects that we have been working on around here lately, as I mentioned in a previous post....I took these pictures over the weekend and am now just getting time to post them.

Here is a picture of a before and after......The above picture was taken of a mural I had painted when I redone the older 2 boys room about 4 1/2 yrs ago, in a pirate theme. Now that they are both teens the pirate mural was just not working for them any longer, so it had to go. I loved their aged and cracked painted walls and did not want to change them so I painted over their mural and then framed it out so that they can hang their awards and plaques up in. We have hung Jordan's awards up, but have not hung Josiah's up yet. I think this looks a lot older for them now, don't you? BTW......It took 10 coats of paint to cover that mural :0).

I finally painted my Kitchen Island to match the Cabinets. I also test painted the rear wall in the kitchen to see if I was going to like this green. I think I am... This is only one coat and I still have to trim it in. This paint is one shade darker then the bathroom we remodeled over the summer. I took one with the lights off and one with it on because the color was not turning out right. Still don't know that it did.

Here is our above ground garden beds that Jordan and Karlton put in. I planted them. Well 2 of them, I still have 1 more that will need plant when we get back from our trip. I planted corn in the middle bed and it finally started coming up this week.

My lettuce, Cabbage, Broccoli, and Strawberries.

Karlton has been rebuilding my storage building that he tore down last Mothers Day. Hopefully by this Mothers Day it will be finished :0)

I also finished painting and caulking the new attic door/stairs that Karlton put in a couple of weekends ago. But I didn't feel the need to take pictures of it.....didn't think you would really want to see it anyway. lol....

So these are the projects we have been working on over the past month......


Mom said...

It all looks GREAT! Looks like you all have been very busy.
Have a great day. Be safe and healthy.
Can't wait to see you this weekend.
Love ya lots, Mom

Melanie said...

You guys have been busy-busy! I love the kitchen paint color & your garden looks wonderful! How nice that is going to be this summer!