Monday, April 4, 2011


Saturday we took 4 of the 5 kids to Carowinds on opening day. (Josiah stayed the weekend with his best buddy for his Birthday.) This was the girls first time going to Carowinds. I had put it off because Sara Ava used to be terrified of anything dressed in a costume. But she is over that now... ;0). Santa brought the kids Season Passes for Christmas so this was our trip of several this year.

This picture turned out blurry because my camera had gotten bumped in the stroller and had messed my settings up. I am posting this picture because it is the only one I got of all 4 kids.

As soon as we got into the park all the boys jumped on this ride. I know you can not see them....but, Joel and Jordan are on the front row. This is Joel's first time getting to ride bigger rides. Last time we went he was little. There are still several rides he can not or will not ride. lol..... While all the guys were riding this ride the girls and I went to meet some Characters....Sara Ava is not terrified anymore, actually of hardly anything! She rode more rides then anyone this day.

Then Karlton took Lilee on this crazy ride, and Jordan went with Sara Ava. It looks harmless, but it can get mighty wild! Especially with the bad winds we had this day! Joel skipped this one when he saw one of these things hit the building and a tree. Didn't blame him one bit! Jordan and Sara Ava won this round of flying the highest!

While we were waiting for the Old Scooby Doo Roller Coaster (don't know the new name ?) to reopen, the girls went a few rounds on the jets.

Sara Ava ran into her friend Gracie from church/school. They got to ride 1 ride together.

Finally we broke into 2 groups. Jordan was ready to ride some big rides while I took the girls to ride some more kiddie rides. That is why there are not many pictures of the boys.

They drove a boat, and rode a roller coaster all by themselves... They are the 2nd to last car. Can you see their little arms up in the air?? precious! Lilee finally lived her life long dream.... she has been telling me for months that she has wanted to ride a roller coaster her whole life! lol..........Now she has ridden 2!

We rode the Carousel........

they rode the swings...........

Then Lilee took me for a ride...she drove me around a track....

wile I took pictures of Sara Ava and us....

Then hey flew an airplane.

So what did I do all day other then wait on everyone and take pictures and video???? BTW....thanks for asking ;0) I got to look at the pretty flowers that were in bloom, and freeze my butt off all day by the whipping wind!.... Oh the joys of being a mommy! And I will be doing it all over again soon....But, hopefully it will be warmer next time! I can survive the heat, but I can not survive being cold!

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