Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hail Storm


We had a really bad hail storm last night....actually 3 of them.... Here is a piece of hail from our first storm. I have also posted a short video, make sure you turn the sound up so you can hear how loud the hail was. We have many dents in both of our vehicles from this storm. It was kinda scarey! The kids were all excited ( good and bad)! Lilee looked outside and said Wow! It it is snowing really big! lol.... It sounded horrible hitting the house! I though it was coming right through our house. How about you all did??? Did you have any hail last night?

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Rodney Orton said...

That storm sounds like a heated paintball match, and it's scary alright. That video made me remember the day when a storm hit my place, it was terrible! Our garden was all messed-up and my car was full of dents and bumps.