Monday, March 9, 2009

A Heathier Way To Pizza

Do you like pizza like I do? Well here is a healthier way to make it , that you need to try! Josiah and I made these tonight. I saw these on another momma's blog and had to try them.

All the kids loved them. I think these will become a part of the menu at our house!

W/O the pepperoni , is even healthier!

Here are the ingredients and steps:

~set oven to 350 degrees

~package of individual pita's (great size for individual pizzas)

~extra virgin olive oil -sprinkle on (I took a spoon to make sure it was evenly spread)

~pizza sauce (add as much or little as desired)

~slice small tomatoes thinly ( again add as many as desired)

~sprinkle on oregano

~salt and pepper to taste

~fresh basil leaves (we tore ours up with our fingers , makes them smell wonderful afterwards)

~pepperoni is optional

~mozzarella cheese (we load it up around here) I used shredded , next time I will use slices like the way the Italians do.

And ENJOY! Yummo!!!


Vanessa said...

It sounds yummy!! I may need to try this because I can use some healthy menu items!

Live to love and laugh said...

WOW it looks so good. I can't wait to go the the store and gather up the ingredients for this one!

The Hardy Family said...

Those look yummy!! Thanks for the tips on Disney! We are really looking forward to going and love any advice anyone has!

SE said...

We do lots of pizzas too, but I have never done it with a pita. Great idea!