Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Is On Its Way!

My Japanese Tulip Tree is Blooming! Yay! It is such a beautiful tree! Warmer weather is on its way. We are suppose to be in the 70's tomorrow and a few days after, we just need to get through today. It can not get here soon enough for me! SC has been very cold this year!!! We had snow this week and went down to 13 at night, to the 70's , go figure...

I am ready for Summer! I love the warmth the heat, shorts, flowers,green grass, leaves on the tree, vacations, the pool! I am a Summer girl! I welcome it with open arms!


Lund7 said...

I'm with you...can't wait for summer!! Living in MN, the winters really drag on. I am excited to be having temps in the 40's today! Lucky you to be in the 70's!!!

Joshua said...

That is a beautiful pic!! Yes, spring is coming!! It is MY favorite time of the year...I love watching the flowers in bloom. Thanks for sharing the's beautiful:)

Ivy said...

What a great photo. Spring is so on it's way!!!

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