Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Witnessed A Miracle Last Night

Last night I witnessed my friend Melinda have a beautiful baby girl, VIRGINIA GRACE. I was there to take pictures and video her birth. It was a miracle all the way around! First of all they did not know what the baby was. I thought for sure it was a boy by the way Melinda carried the baby, I think she did too. They had a boy named picked out and a lot of boy clothes ready, but surprise!

She had a home birth, it was actually very calm and much nicer then a hospital birth. (Unless you have babies 5 weeks earlier like I did and then you would end up there anyway.) Virginia Grace was a 10 lb. and 21 in. long baby ,so that itself is a miracle! I did my job and did not pass out this time! Last time I videoed a birth I was pregnant and as soon as the baby came out I passed out, because my sugar crashed.

Congratulations Dano and Melinda!! I am so privileged that you asked me to be a part of such a
miracle! The best part for me was getting to doll that baby girl up with a bow! Every Princess needs a bow, even if she is just minutes old! Ha!

I hope you enjoy all those pictures and video!


jodi said...

how fantastic!!! i was able to be there for a friends birth last year and it was so amazing! the pics you got were beautiful (esp the bow!)

Nikki said...

Wow, how amazing!! She is beautiful!

Judi and Elaina said...

How awesome!!! What a sweet baby girl!!!

Vanessa said...

What a beautiful baby in deed!! Truly a miracle:)

Dano and Melinda said...

Thank you, Mary Ann! The pictures are a priceless gift. I can't wait to watch the video, too!

I guess you know that her name is... Virginia Grace!

Virginia after my Grandma...and Grace for the Grace of God... what a gift!

Love ya,
Mel =0)

Terri said...

What a beautiful baby girl!!!

Jenny said...

What a blessing!!! She is beautiful!!! Congratulations to your sweet friends!!