Friday, March 13, 2009

Yesterday Was A Big Day

Yesterday Sara Ava and Jordan had an Eye Dr. apt., both were fine and do not need glasses. Ya! 2 weeks ago Joel and Josiah had an Eye apt. She said Joel's eyes have actually improved but Josiah's eye have changed for the worse, so he is waiting on his glasses to come in. (I will be posting pictures of Mr. Josiah in his new glasses as soon as he gets them.)
Then it was off to a parent teacher conference for Josiah and to sign Sara Ava for Kindergarten. Waaaaa! Can you believe that I will be sending my precious girl off to school in August!?! In 3 weeks we will go to the Kindergarten Open House and find out who her teacher will be. She is sooo excited! (I hope we get Mrs. Small , Jordan and Joel had her and LOVED her! )

Yesterday was also report card day and Joel made straight A's! Way to go Joel!!!!!!! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU! Now I owe him $20. The rule at the Shrum house, if the kids make straight A's they earn $20. So once Josiah gets his glasses he says he will be making Straight A's . So we may owe a lot of money next go around. (Jordan's report card comes out in a few more weeks, he thinks he has straight A's too. We will see!)


Live to love and laugh said...

Way to go Joel! Straight As around here get you $10.00. My kids want to come live with you!
Mr. Josiah I can't wait to see how handsome you look in your new glasses.

jodi said...

way to go Joel!!!!!!! and Sara Ava is going to have so much fun in Kindergarden

Nana said...

Sara, Wow! It is so hard to believe that you are going to start kindergarten. It seems like yesterday that I went to Guatemala with your Mama to bring you home and you were afraid of taking a bath in the tub.

Joel, Congratulations on your straight A's. I always knew you were very smart. Good Job!

Jordan, I'm so happy that you have good eyesight and you are doing so good in school, too! Keep up the good work.

Josiah, you were so cute in your glasses when you were a little guy.
I know that you will be handsome in your new glasses now that you are almost a teenager.

Lilee, you are so sweet and I love your new hairdo that you got at the beauty shop.

Love all of you, so much, xoxoxoxox

The Hardy Family said...

Good job, Joel!! I can't believe Sara Ava will be in K5 next year! Wow!! I know she will love it!

Terri said...

Great job for Joel!!! Your daught looks so cute in that first picture!