Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Guessing Game And Some Freebies


Anyone want to play a guessing game? Here is a picture of somethings I bought on one of my recent shopping trips to Victoria's Secret.

Here is what is in the picture and the original price....

1. 2 Pink doggies $10.00 ea. = $20.00 for both

2. 2 Pink body splash $6 ea. = $12.00 for both

3. Pink push up bra $19.50

4. Black lace panty $10.50

5. Pink hip hugger panty $7.50

Total = $ 69.50

But what did I pay? Take a guess.... I will give you a little hint.....I used 2 coupons. ;0)

All these items in picture #2 were free w/ my coupons, some of them even had overage on them which means I even made some money! ( $2) Ya!!! Plus....... I forgot to include a few things in my picture.....
1. 6 Pks of gum
2. 1 more Colgate Total

1 comment:

jodi said...

wow! you do so good with couponing!!! i get excited when i save like 4$! cant wait to see what you spent at VS