Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Last Day Of Our Cruise....

Finally!!!!I have made it to Day 7..... This was the last Day At Sea. I took over 500 pictures on this trip and it has been harder then I thought it would be to choose the best pictures to post. I know you all are glad that I am finally moving on! But.........I am sure I will be posting some of the pictures for FFF and Wordless Wed. ;0) I do hope you have enjoyed them as much as we do! This was one awesome vacation!

The 8th day we returned to Tampa and then headed home on our 10 1/2 hr drive, that was the worst part of that whole entire trip! I hate driving for that long!!! Thank goodness there was only 3 of us. I don't know how 7 of us in 1 vehicle would have been....I'm thinking not that good!

Anyway the last day we just played and chilled........... Josiah and I hit the water slide........

After a few times down the slide, I laid out and enjoyed my view while Josiah continually went down the slide about 30 more times.


I love this bikini! I had to have it when I saw it at Old Navy!

Self portrait......... ;0)
I ran my 3 1/2 miles before dinner time! Let me tell you.... It is difficult running on a moving ship! First I was running on the top of the boat and the wind about blew me over the rail....then I went to the gym and decided I like the top better because the wind at least kept you cooler!

Then we got all cleaned up for dinner! I know this is a blurry picture but Josiah wanted me to take a picture of his dinner of Cornish Hen. He also had Lobster Bisque. Pretty daring for a kid I think. But by this night we were all SICK of eating!!! None of us could finish our meal matter how good they were! I even made myself sick on the Hot Chocolate Melting Cake! Mmmm ...I could eat one now though ;0) I gained about 5 lbs on this trip because all we did is EAT!!!! Plus... I did not run as much as I usually do for being sick.....But I did get a few good days in!

This is what we found in our room waiting for turn down.

Then we ended our day and our trip with this view................ How Beautiful!

I'm ready to go again!!!!!!! Or at least on another adventure ;0)!

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jodi said...

beautiful!!! loved seeing all of your pics. looks like it was such a wonderful trip!