Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Sneak Peak

Here is what we have been doing for 4 weekends, plus several days in between.

We have been remodeling our little bathroom. It was long over due for a new face lift! And a face lift is what we gave it, and then some. Like any home projects we ran into several unseen problems, went over budget by double, and added on some projects as well.... You know the normal stuff! But I can not complain! I am very proud of what we have accomplished and my bathroom is turning out quite lovely! It was suppose to be done this weekend....but once again we have run into a few issues. Like the grout has to dry 72 hrs before we can seal it...grrrrr! So no sealed tile this weekend. The toilet had to be put down twice because the first wax ring was to skinny and leaked all over our freshly tiled floor! ugh......

I have learned to use the chop saw and has ended up making most of the cuts that were needed. I even learned to 45 all the inside and outside corners! There was progress made today.... I cut and put in all the base boards all by my little self :0). Well enough about the boring part....onto the more interesting part...... Take a look.......

Here is our new tile floor.... It took hundreds of tiny little tiles to lay this floor and many teeny tiny cuts to lay the pieces of tile around the walls and tub! I laid all those and ended up paying for it with my back that night. ( I did not get to sleep until after 2 am.) Karlton did all the tile cutting because the pieces we needed were so small I was afraid I would cut my fingers off.

Our new bead board ceiling, vent fan, and light over the tub.... This was a last minute decision and the first thing finished. I think I like it best! You can see my new green paint peaking through. I had to put some paint on my walls to get an idea of how things are going to look. The walls are still being patched and have to be sanded so the walls will not be painted this planed :0(

Here is my new light fixture.... This is the mirror that I am using but it also got a nice new finish...a gleaming white w/ a little aged look. Can't wait until it goes back up on the wall once the walls are ready for me!

Here is my new bead board walls and chair rail. I added a board in behind the chair rail so I will have a little shelf all the way around. I am totally loving this look too! And of course I have a new built in self for extra storage! You can see what color my old walls were.
I am going for the Cottage look to go with my little cottage house! I have been transforming my house little by little into an English cottage. How do you think I have done so far? Does this look like a bathroom that would be in a cute little cottage?
I am sooo ready for this to be finished so I can decorate! Wait until you see my Shower Curtain and towels!!! I will give you a hint...... Toile. Thats all I am going to say.