Saturday, July 10, 2010


Is anyone Interested in me posting about my couponing again? I have not posted about all my savings in a long time..... Didn't know if anyone wanted to even hear about that sort of thing or not? We certainly live by couponing now..... It is so hard for me to not buy anything without a coupon...It feels like a crime if I do have to buy something without one. ;0)

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The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

My sister is a crazy couponer. She will buy 5 papers a week at the dollar store and clip coupons. She has them all organized. She has her basement full of items she got for free or paid pennies for. I tried it for a while, but I found it difficult to run around to the different stores for the best deals...especially where I live where the closest Kmart, Target, big chains are 1/2 an hour away. I did love the Walgreens rebates. I wish they would bring them back.