Friday, July 2, 2010

Belize Part 2

This was one of the faces that was in the largest pyramid. It was one of the only ones still intact.

Climbing up.............the largest pyramid....................

We were almost to the top......If you look carefully you can see Karlton standing on one of the ruins below.

We finally made it to the top! It was a really hard climb, those stairs were very steep and dangerous!

Looking down at Karlton again......

Josiah posing at the top of the pyramid over looking the jungle.

Now its time to head down..... I think that was worse then going up. My knees were quivering all the way down. I wasn't afraid ...maybe a little cautious... it was just that strenuous!

Some jungle shots.........................

When we got to the bottom there was a boy asking us if we wanted to hold a baby croc. I wasn't interested but the guys sure were!

This little fellow was an entrepreneur. He had caught this baby croc a few weeks back in a pond. The only thing that kept his mouth shut was a hair band. eek! He charged a $1 a picture or 6 for $5. Pretty smart boy!

This lady was making my jade earring that I had bought to match my necklace. I paid $10 for both pieces.

Me doing a little shopping before we had to leave .

But before we left I grabbed a coconut milk for a little treat. I actually bought it for Siah but Karlton drank the most. It was to hot to be refreshing and we ended up getting a little car sick on the way back.

Once we made it back to the pier we had to grab a taxi boat to head to the ship.

As we started back out to sea we passed all these little gorgeous island.........

This was Goff's Caye, which we want to come back to, to snorkel.

Here is our little towel buddy that was waiting for us that night when we came back to our room.


Mom (Nana) said...

Wow!!!!! I sure would like to
go there. You know our 35th
anniversary is this Oct. Do
you think somebody would take
the hint? (send Dad some brochures
in the mail.)
Love ya bunches,

jodi said...

beautiful! i would like to be on that tiny island right about now!

The Hardy Family said...

Hey girl!! I just caught up on so many of your amazing pictures and posts! It looks like you and Karlton had a fabulous trip with Josiah. I love how you do this...take each child on a trip by themselves. What a neat memory for them! I can't believe Jordan is 14...what a big guy!! And Sara Ava is a K5 graduate...hard to believe!! I'm glad your family is doing well and having a great summer!