Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Finally Finished!!!

After 6 weekends of working on our bathroom we are for the most part finished. I still have some tweaks on the decorating end of things. Like hanging the plates in the back of my shelves, or maybe redoing that totally.( Not sure about the accessories yet.)I just went around my house collecting things I thought would work in there. I finished painting on Sat. and Karlton finished his part on Sun. I had planned on 3 weekends, maybe 4 but not 6. We did have to do more then we thought and we ended up making last minute changes. 3 days were spent working on 2 things, which killed our time... But it is nice to be done and have 2 bathrooms again.

This bathroom is the original bathroom that was in the house when we bought it. It was built in 1950, back when bathrooms were TINY and NO closet space at all!!!!!

Wanna see some pictures??? Here ya go.......... I am proud to say we did all by our little selves! ;0)

Remember the gold mirror????

After some white paint and sand paper to give it an aged look it is finished and did not cost a dime. We had the mirror , the paint, and sand paper already, just needed a new fresh look!

Of course I added my dishes! The boys do not like that they have dishes in their bathroom, but hey its free decorating!

They also do not like the Pink......But hey we do have 2 little girls in the house and I did want it to match the rest of my house...Not that I have lots of Pink, well I kind of do in pictures and roses in my couch. :0)

I just Love Toile! Can you tell????

So........ that is our new White, Pink( really it is a very soft red ), Green, English Cottage, French Country, Shabby Chic Bathroom!
What do you think?????


Debbie said...

It is beautiful!!!


Mom said...

I love your newly remodeled bathroom.
It's gorgeous! It has the feel of
a bed and breakfast or something old
timey, but new.
Love ya lots,

jodi said...

it looks great!