Thursday, August 5, 2010

Keeping Track

I have upped my running to 3 1/2 miles 5 X a week. That is 17 1/2 miles a week. I just started this new mileage about 3-4 weeks ago......... I have been reading someones blog that is training for a marathon.......a marathon is a 26 mile race......... and they have a chart that they follow for a year to get them ready for a marathon. Its a daily record of what they run according to what they are suppose to run and then they grade themselves on their progress...... Sometimes they make their grade am sometimes they don't.
So...... I thought it would be fun to keep an official log of what I run week by week and then every 4 weeks. I have sort of kept track in my head to see how I am doing but nothing official.
After I started doing this this last 4 weeks. I was amazed at how I did! Did I get an A ? We will have to see........;0) (below)....... But it does give me encouragement to strive for a goal. But what goal will that be? I eventually want to run a 10K but that will be next yr. sometime..... For now I want to see mile daily mileage climb and just run a few more 5K's first.....
Now on to my last 4 weeks of running.......
WEEK 1 - 17 .5 miles ( this was my first week of running 3 1/2 miles 5 times a wk.)
WEEK 2 - 16. 1 miles ( I ended up biking 2. 6 miles with Karlton this wk. )
WEEK 3 - 17 .5 miles
WEEK 4 - 17 .5 miles
TOTAL = I ran 68.6 miles for my first 4 weeks.
Ya! I give myself an 98% that is an A. I think I deserve an A with the heat I have been running in!
Next 4 wks I hope to run 70. that would be my 100% for right now.

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Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Way to go Mary Ann!!! Someday I really want to do the same thing...I just have to kick this sickness. Thanks so much for your encouragement! I am going to rejoin the blogging world again. Hope your family is doing great!!