Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Back To School .............

4 of the 5 kids headed back to school today..... 6:45 Joel and Sara Ava headed out the door for the Elementary. Karlton took them while I got Josiah up and going .Then at 7:30 I took Josiah over to the Middle School where he is starting 7th grade. I did take a picture of Josiah this morning, it just would not load on to my computer, so I will have to redo his picture. Then it was Jordan's turn to be dropped off at the High School at 8 am by Karlton on his was to work.

Tomorrow will not be as bad since Josiah will start riding the bus to school. Only 2 school runs in the morning and evening.

Lilee and I will start back to preschool today. Since I have a lot of cleaning to catch up on I think I will keep it light. Its kind of weird only having 1 kid at home. She really doesn't like it either.

At 2:15 Lilee and I will go pick up the 2 from the Elementary. I don't have to get the big boys until 5:30 from Cross Country at the High School..........unless Jordan calls me to come and get him. He has been sick since Fri. He ran a fever all weekend, but was better this morning. I am praying it was just a virus! But then again if it was I have a house full of people to look forward to getting it! That's pretty much my day other then cooking, doing tons of laundry, and running tonight....;0) So how is or was your 1st day of School?

Sara Ava's all ready for the 1st grade.

Joel is ready for his 1st day of 4th grade.

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Nana said...

You all looked good heading out on
your 1st day of school. Hope you
had a great day and that you all have
a wonderful year. Stay safe and healthy.
Love ya bunches,