Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting Ready...............

The Shrum family is getting ready for a lot of stuff coming up ........ We have a lot on our plates........ some good, some normal, and some not so good.....Karlton and I could use your prayers to get us through these next few months!

Now on to what everyone is getting ready for...........

Mr. Jordan is all registered and ready for High School, as a Freshman. I went to register him this week and to get his schedule, books, and to see where all his classes are. I have to say I am overwhelmed for the poor guy. His school his 3 stories and spread all out. His classes are all up and down and everywhere. He starts this Friday the 13th. AAAAhhhh! I hope that is a good omen! He is also in Cross Country for the 2nd yr. and is ready to get his yr started.

Mr. Josiah is getting ready for the 7th grade...... He starts back to Middle School on Monday the 16th. He is also ready for his Cross Country races to start! This is his first yr. and loves it! They have been running all summer conditioning to get ready for their races. They work these poor kids really hard and in the heat too! They were running 4 X a wk in the mornings, but now that it is closer to school they have changed their practices to 5 days a week from 4-5:30.

Mr. Joel is getting ready for the 4th grade......and for the basketball season to start back up in the Fall. Joel and Sara Ava start back on the 16th too.

Miss Sara Ava is getting ready for the first grade. She is happy school is starting back!

And Miss Lilee and I are getting ready to home school her for Preschool. This is Lilee's last yr. home. She will start Kindergarten next August....... And let me tell you she is ready Now! She can't wait to go to school like all her big brothers and sister and does not understand why she is not going! lol......

As for me .................. I am just getting ready for it all.............because I have not choice! ;0)

I am also getting ready to turn 34 on the 31st. Ugh! I like 33 just fine...why do I need to turn 34!? I don't do I?

Oh yeah.........I am getting ready now to go work on our Bathroom that is never going to be done! I have lots of painting to do after Karlton finished his part. The bathroom was suppose to be finished last weekend but we had a lot of things go wrong and did not get to work on it on Sunday. I'm ready to be done!

But, I AM NOT READY FOR SUMMER TO END! I love summer and will be sad to see it go....except..... for when I run....I am ready for the cooler weather!


jodi said...

phew! i''m exhausted reading about it all!!! praying for you guys always. love ya

Nana said...

It was so good to see you all last
night, although it was for such a
short time.
Kids,Good luck in school this year.
Stay safe and healthy. Don't let
anybody shove you in a locker. Ha,Ha!
Stand your ground and be true to who
you are. Reach for the stars! You
can all do it.
Love ya bunches,

Jenny said...

You ARE one busy lady and you look FANTASTIC doing it all!!! I LOVE that picture of you! You're ADORABLE!!!

About your running! I am so proud of you and the distance you are running everyday! That's AWESOME! I just signed up for my FIRST EVER Marathon and I am so.....excited. If you ever want to run a race around here, I would LOVE to do one with you. Let me know!!!!