Friday, August 20, 2010

A Room Redo

A few months ago this room used to be our (what I called) Breakfast Room, that we never used. It had a table and only 3 chairs because the room is small. This room is the original Dinning Room in the old (1950) part of the house. It never really worked for us...... My MIL gave me this couch and I could not pass it up, so I decided to make this room a Sitting Room/Library. Karlton really liked the idea of it being a Library, being able to come in and sit to read a book....But, as the decorating started (after I painted the newly fresh beige walls and the wall space in between the book shelves) the books kept being moved down a shelf until they reached the bottom shelf. Now they are covered up by pictures. The books were just not working for me because I wanted to show off all my beloved dished and pictures of my babies. After I finally finished my shelves I called Karlton in and asked how he liked the room and he said , " It's nice, but where are the books? I thought this was suppose to be a Library?" I told him that there were books in here they are just hidden. Lol......... But I did tell him he can still bring his book in to sit and read when ever he likes. ;0) I am not finished with the valances. I have them stuck up their with pins for now. I was just getting an idea of how the room would look all but together.

Now......... How much do you think I spent on this new functioned room???? If you follow me on Face Book you already know...... Go a head and give it a guess! I will let you know in a few days how much it cost me plus more pictures!


Live to love and laugh said...

I did the same thing to our "breakfast nook" and LOVE it. It is a refreshing place to sit.
I do say though yours is much prettier than mine.

Mary Ann said...

I want to see pictures of yours!