Friday, May 29, 2009


Here are some recent Family Photo's that Karlton's step mom took of us. I think they turned out pretty good for 7 people. It's so hard to get everyone smiling, looking the same way with out making faces. Thanks Darlene, I love them! What do you all think? Which one or ones do you like best?


Rhonda said...

They all turned out so great and if I absolutely HAD to choose one, I'd vote for the first picture!

jodi said...

I like the first pic best. I like your dress to its really pretty

Mom (Nana) said...

I like the first picture,too. It's
perfectly balanced and you all are
smiling and you all look beautiful.
Love ya'll

Terri said...

Great pictures! I agree with Jodi...cute dress!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks guys, I bought that dress last year at forever 21.It was under $25.I love it becuase is sooo comfy. I wear it with capri leggins too in the fall.