Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saving $$ W/ Coupons

Well I have officially joined the couponing craze! I have always used coupons but I never got the really good deals like freebies or next to free. My friend Heather got me jazzed about this with her posts on her blog with all the good deals that she was getting. So I went to a few of her favorite coupon sites and got the bug. Here is one that I used http://www.southernsavers.com/ to learn how to get all the good buys and print out all the coupons , that gives you all the heads up.
I gave it a try this morning and went to Target and Walgreen's to see what I could get and here is what I came back with (see picture above). After 14 coupons, my grand total was $4.03. I saved $15.77. The Axe Shower Gel , the Bliss Candy Bar, and the Reece's were all FREE. The only thing I bought at Walgreen's was the buy one get one free, candy bars. The rest of the things all came from Target. Here's what I paid for each item.
2 Mayo- 0.49 each
2 Ranch Salad Dressing - 0.49
Baby Wash- 0.57
100 Calorie snack packs -0.04
Ritz Crackers -0.99
Snack Size Pringles- 0.19
Not to bad for my first try. Thanks Heather for posting to get me started on saving (more) money! Do you get all these great deals with using coupons. If so Please leave me a message of any other ideas or great deals you have gotten lately. We can use all the help we can get right now with the economy the way it is especially with 5 kids!


Heather said...

YAY for you! I am proud! Yes, I basically follow my favorite couponing sites to find the good deals. I also go to several different stores during the week to get the best deals, and then I try to plan our meals around what we've already got in the pantry. It's like a part time job, really, but worth it when you realize the money you are saving!

Vanessa said...

Now that's some GREAT savings!! I'm trying to get into couponing too!

Terri said...

Way to go girl!!!