Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Weekend Savings

I went to K-mart Sat. and bought the Life cereal 3 boxes for $8. They automatically took a $1 off for purchasing 3 of the same kind of cereal which brought it down to $7/3 then I had 3 -$1 off coupons which brought my total $4.14 with tax. That is $1.38 per box.

Then I went to Target and bought the rest of the stuff in the picture. My total was $8.77 , I saved $15.01. I got the travel size sunscreen, the first aid kit, and a candy bar (not pictured) for free.

Sun. I went to CVS and bought a fingernail polish for $3.99 minus the $1 coupon I had. I got back $3 in register rewards and it also gave me a $3 off a $10 for my next purchase. Then I purchased B1G1 Free Maybelline Mascara. I paid $7.49 for both and then used my $6 off for a total of $1.49. My grand total for the day was $4.84 for 3 items w/ a total saving of $14.39. But, then Mon. I went back for some things I needed and didn't do quite as well but still OK. I purchased a Band aid for $2.99 w/ $2 rr and I used a .50 coupon. I also bought a Colgate for $2.99 it also had $2 rr , plus I used a $1 off coupon, I paid $4.84. Then I bought napkins for $3.49 and a box of tissues for $1.29, after I used my $4 off I paid 84. So my total for yesterday was $5.68 for the 4 items, I saved at least $5.50. Not to bad!

I am starting to get the hang of shopping for hardly nothing. Sometimes it does not go as planned but I'm learning. Starting Wed. Harris Teeter has triple coupons up to .75 . So I will definitely be heading there. I am hoping to get most of my order for hardly anything. We will see.....

If you wanna start saving money on groceries or get things free you can go to this site. I am using this one the most. http://www.southernsavers.com/

Victoria's Secret was having an excellent sale too! I bought 10 pr. panties for $25. That's $2.50 each. I have always bought their panties because they hold up for years. I love their bra's too! They also had their make up on sale for 75% off. I love their make up too! I think the sale was just for Memorial day but June 16th their Semi-Annual sale starts. That's when you can really stock up! Also, June 1st Bath and Body starts their Sale too!

Happy Shopping..........


Vanessa said...

Now that's what I call a deal!!

Jenny said...

That's AWESOME!!!! I need to learn how to do that!!!

Rhonda said...

Wow, way to go.

Terri said...

Oh man! I wish I would of caught the Victoria Secret sale!
Im not big on coupon using (yet) but I'm addicted to buying clothes and other things on clearance sales. I'm always drawn to the 75% of racks! LOVE it! EVERYTHING my kids and I wear are always a sales item. I never buy anything full price.

I need to take your lead about the coupons!