Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heads Up!

OK Guys ...... after reading your comments I want to help you start saving money! With the economy the way it is and the way Karlton's work is going I feel like I needed to try to do something to help! Plus I really felt the need to start stocking up for really hard times. I have never been able to stock up on anything , especially with 2 growing , eating machines, I mean boys. Usually you can not even tell I have been to the store, now our pantry , fridge , and freezer are fuller then it has ever been!By spending less money!! Sounds weird huh! I was spending on an average of 129.00 a wk. on groceries for a family of 7. Well this month I am going to try to only spending $80 a week. But it may take me a couple of weeks to have everything before I start seeing the difference. So far this week I definitely see it. But I still have a few more items to buy for this week.

Terry ,I had to take a couple of things back to Victoria Secrets today and they do still have things on sale! Like their makeup ....... So I would still go and see what they have. Its worth it! Starting June 16th is their Semi- Annual Sale and it is always really good!!!!

Also , a reminder that Bath and Body will start their great sale June 1. This is when I stock up!

Now for an easy lesson on how to start couponing! I do not want to over whelm you so I will just give you the basics to get started!
1. Start buying the Sun. paper, every Sun and keep ALL the coupons even if you do not think you will use them. You never know when things will end up free, or you can give them to someone who may use them.
2. Sort them by categories and put them in labeled enveloped or files ( this just makes things easier).
3. Go to to find all the deals and what coupons to use. They will have places to click on to , to print out coupons too. This is where I am getting allot of them. This site does all the work for you in showing you where all the deals are.
4. Plan your meals after you buy all the free and cheap items for the week. Don't plan your meals first and then see what coupons will help! This is what I used to do and this is why I never saved that much money!
5. Always use your coupons on Sale and B1G1 Free items!

Harris Teeter is having their triple coupon days starting today for 7 days. They always have double coupons everyday. Remember this is only coupons up to .99 cents. Bi Lo does the double coupon every day to up to .99 cents.

Does this make any sense? These are the easiest steps I can give you to help get you started. Hope you try! Once you do and you start seeing the savings you will be hooked!!!

If any one else has any heads up or you would like to add anything please feel free!! I'm all about good deals!!!



Terri said...

WOW! That is some crazy big savings you had! Great job! Okay, I think I'm getting motivated about using coupons!

Here's a blog to check out for savings. You'll love it. Also I know you can go to and they will send you free samples of stuff as well as coupons

I'll check out Victoria Secret tomorrow.

Rhonda said...

Wow,way to go

Vanessa said...

You're doing great!! I too am doing my best to save some cash as the economy is getting rougher by the day!! All the extra savings is going to pay off some debt!! Thanks for sharing!

The Hardy Family said...

Couponing is the absolute best and it's so rewarding to see just how much you can save! I'm so glad you use the southern savers website because I do, too! Good luck with your budgeting! It's well worth it!