Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guilty As Charged!

Jordan Craig Shrum , in 9 short days will be making his mother Mary Ann Shrum age 32, the mother of a teenager. He will be starting the 8th grade this coming August ......

where his brother Josiah Shrum age 11, will be joining him at his Middle School, Yes, this is right this poor mother will have 2 in Middle School this year ..... (People he is not as innocent as his looks here in this picture)

and his sister Sara Ava Shrum age 5, will be starting Kindergarden.
How can these children do this to their poor momma , it seems so unfair! Why is life so cruel!?!?


Jenny said...

They do grow up so fast, don't they! You still are such a hip, cool, mom...even if you do have a teenager! You'll have to let me know what's more difficult-being the mom of a teenager, or a three year old! lol

Vanessa said...

Mine will be doing the teenager thing to me next year!! I'm so not looking forward to it! Your kids are gorgeous by the way!!

Mary Ann said...

Jenny, I can already answer that one! Lilee my 3 yr. old is way easier then my teen and my preteen (Josiah) Actually all 3 of my little ones are way easier then my 2 older boys!

BTW... thanks for that sweet comment!

Terri said...

They grow up before you know it! Enjoy every minute you can before they really hit the teenage years! out!!!!

Rhonda said...

Time just keeps flying by and it's amazing how quicky they grow up. Gorgeous pictures of the kiddo's.

Nana said...

Love all of the pictures of the kids. Thanks for that. We miss 'em.
Although they are getting older they will always feel like your little babies, even when they are 32, 29 & 22. Lol at that.
Love ya'll bunches, xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Mom (Nana)

jodi said...

My mom was just asking how old Jordan would be and as i did the math (because I always remember that you had him while i was on my senior trip) I was like Oh MY he's gonna be 13!!!!!
It goes by so fast!
Enjoy them all, love the pix you post! makes me feel like i'm not missing so much.

Teresa B. said...

Oh you are still such a baby!
Wish I was 32!
This mother at 43 has a 23 yr old daughter that just got her masters and has started getting her doctorate, she teaches high school geometry, I have a 20 yr old son that is a chef and just got back from NY, a 13 yr. old daughter that will also be in 8th grade next yr., a 4 yr. old daughter & a 2 yr. old son.
Ever heard "starting over"?
I miss talking to you when have you planned our next get together?

Hannah said...

They just grow so fast! You do not look near old enough to have a teenager in the house.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Hannah! You are tooo kind. I really don't feel like it either!

The Hardy Family said...

No one ever prepares us for how hard it is to see our children growing up so fast! It can make your heart just hurt sometimes, that's for sure! You are an awesome mom to teenagers on down to preschoolers! You are a pro and I may need your help in a few years when I hit those teenage years! :)