Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting Back In Shape........

Pre -Adoptions ( a little more then 4 yrs ago) I weighed in at 118. Then the grueling wait for Sara Ava to come home began ......18 months later after we started our adoption I had gained 5 lbs. It was months and months later ( almost 13 to be exact) until Lilee came home I had gained another 6.It wasn't like I could nurse and all my weight would magically go away, like it had with the boys.So I knew I better do something! After I laid off the bags of chocolate (my stress reliever) and started to eat better again I lost 2 of it pretty easy. But after Lilee was home a year and I still had only lost the 2 lbs.

I took my hubby's advice and started lifting (light) weights. After a few months my weight had not changed but I noticed that all my clothes were fitting me really good and my stomach started flattening out. Then after the New Year I upped my weights a couple of lbs. and started doing lunges and squats for my legs and dropped 4 lbs. I have always done some sort of exercise weather it has been Yoga, Palate's, or exercises on my exercise ball, but I never would stick to anything that long. I can see the most body changes with lifting weights, not only the muscles that I have never had but the toning and the inches that it has taken off by flabby legs and booty.

Then ............. we went on a cruise that had FOOD, FOOD, every where and delicious desserts!!!! MMMMM! Lets just say I came back with a few lbs. Anyway..... I got right back to my lifting and lost 2 lbs . Now I have decided it was time to kick it in gear to loose the last 3 lbs. I want to loose,so I started running this week! I am not a runner and I have never ran in my whole life so this is huge for me!!! My goal was to start out by running a 1/2 a mile Tuesday,so that I could build up to a mile, and then eventually 2. I ran 3/4 of a mile my first day! I was a little shocked.... but it did not go with out pains. I soooo could not breath for a while afterwards and I thought I was going to pass out from my head being so dizzy!!! But I think I like it!!! Running....Not the dizzy part.... Ha! So this evening when I have help watching the girls I am going again!!! Whooo Hoo!!! I think I over did it a bit my first time because I had some great running music I was listening to on my ipod. You know the kind when you look down at your speed while driving and say woooooo! I think I might have been doing the same with running so this time I am going to put some calmer music on to run to..

I am an avid water -drinker always have been, but now I have almost cut out soda's from my diet too! ( I allow myself 1 -2 a week )Even though I never drank that many I have noticed a difference in my mid- section,I am not so blotted anymore.

Ok now ..... Are there any runners out there that read my blog? Have any helpful hints on running??? Is it normal to wake up the next day and your sides hurt so much you can't move? please leave me a message I need your support to keep going!!! Or have any healthy tips or life style changes that you have made recently that would like to share?????? Now its your turn!

(I had pictures to share with you as a visual but decided against it to spare you all!!!!LOL)


The SC Denneys said...

you go girl!! I need to run too but I will have to wait until summer is here. I think about it though. I guess in this case the thought doesn't count.

Hannah said...

You have always looked so tiny! I think everyone should get exercise and be healthy! good for you :)

I am trying to lose some weight and get back in the gym...I normally go when Sophia is in preschool but haven't been able to make it but twice since Easter.

Terri said... help here what so ever! I hate running but try and work out (sometimes) on our elliptical.
Great job!!! I need to learn from you!

Jenny said...

You look fabulous!! I hope you enjoy running! Before I got pregnant with Hudson, I was running 4-5 days a week with some ladies in my neighborhood! I loved it! Before that I hated to run, but when you have people to run with its much more enjoyable!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Rhonda said...

You look great and sorry no tips here either but good for you and I hope to start on the treadmill soon!

John at Hella Sound said...

You are awesome--congrats on starting running!

I was never a runner either--I was more a sports/weightlifting guy. But about 6 years ago I got hooked BIG TIME, and I love it!

There are so many good resources out there. You should really consider following a "Couch To 5k" program that'll give you some structure and help you set reasonable goals for yourself. It sounds like you're doing great on your own, but it's nice to have a little guidance. has a lot of great resources for training plans.

And get into a race! Sign up for a 5k some months down the road and work towards it. It is so much fun, and it really makes the whole thing memorable. Sometimes new runners are intimidated or hesitant to get in races; they think they'll finish last or whatever. I guarantee you, if you do the training beforehand and get some miles under your belt, you'll do just fine in the race, and you'll remember it forever. It definitely becomes addictive.

Again, congrats! As far as more info, I'd like to think our site has built up a good amount of training and running information--check us out: We produce original music specifically for running, and have tons of good advice from trainers and athletes on our blog.

Good luck and keep going!!!