Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tybee Island and Savannah.....Day 1

Day 1 was mostly packing up, traveling, stopping to eat, stopping to use the bathroom, traveling, stopping to use the bathroom and eat again. Until we finally made it to our condo to unpack.

This the view from our balcony. Where we spent a lot of time swinging and looking at the ocean when it was not freezing.

After unpacking we headed to the beach............

and then headed to the water, where it was way to cold for us girls!!!!

I spent a lot of time doing this (above)....... I wish I could say this is how I look when I run.....but I don't think I am this fast. This kid can book it! Karlton says I look like a bunny hopping down the road, so that is why I don't want a picture of me running ( or hopping). ;0)

The girls just love to play in the sand and make sandcastles the entire time.

The boys freezing their behinds off playing in the water (and watching the wind surfer).

Lilee also does this most of the time we are on the beach. She runs back and forth to get water for the sandcastles 5,000 x.

Josiah did play in the water until he saw jellyfish and then that was all she wrote. He would not go back in. Smart kid.... there were many of them in and out of the water. We had to watch every step we took. Josiah and I found a huge one that had washed up one evening while we were running. I think it was the biggest one I have ever seen. The rest of them were babies.

I never put on my bikini once. It was to cold for me! I did where my running clothes to the beach every time. Karlton said he has never seen anyone where their running clothes to the beach , and I replied, " well now you have". I guess he just does not pay attention because I see it all the time. I guess next time I should where my bikini when I run on the beach...... NOT!! ;0D

Oh and btw....... this is the beach where the movie " The Last Song" was filmed at. In the last few pictures was the area of where the house was.

So this was pretty much the first day of our vacation!


Diane Willard Kaufman said...

WElcome to Tybee! We are so glad you're here visiting! next visit, please contact me so we can hopefully have you come and stay with us! Diane with Mermaid Cottages. mermaidcottages.com

Mom (Nana) said...

Thanks for the pictures! I loved them! Makes me wanna go there some
day. I'm glad you had a well deserved
vacation. I hope I'm next!
Love ya lots,