Monday, April 12, 2010

Savannah and Tybee Island..... Day 5

No, you have not missed anything. I am starting from the last days of our vacation and working our way back. I have soooo many pictures that I have to break it up by the days. ;0) Get ready I hope you enjoy all the pictures coming your way!

We spent spring break in Savannah and Tybee Island. Our condo was on Tybee Island, but we spent most of our time off the Island. That area is one of our families favorite vacation spots. Karlton and I love to go by ourselves and stay in Savannah in a historic B&B. With kids it is easier and cheaper to stay on Tybee.

(On day 6 I only took a few pictures while walking around the city before we had to leave to head back home. So, I am starting with day 5.)

On day 5 we started our day by going to Forsyth Park (which is a really beautiful park, I will be posting pictures on another day). Then we headed to The Pirates House for lunch. Not only is this restaurant really good, it is a very cool place. The kids love it and begged us to take them there again. We ate in the oldest part of the building, the room we were in dated back to 1734. Cool huh!

Then more walking around the city visiting many parks, houses and churches.

There are many of these (steeples) around the city!

Then we went to my Favorite stores in Savannah. THE PARIS MARKET!!!! I love that store they have so many cool things!!! I always find little nick-nacks there and they kids always find old timey candy there too! This time they were giving out free cotton candy! The kids loved that!

The one I was holding was actually for Lilee. I held out to get a giant Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream cone on River street. MMMM it was soooo big I ended up giving most of it to the kids.

The boys waiting at the counter to pay for all the neat candy they found to buy like...... candy cigarette sticks, sugar rock suckers, and gum cigars. Their prices aren't to bad either! They have 2 stories and new and antique items! Like I said it is a very cool store!

Josiah is well....... Josiah! He does not like to cooperate with pictures at all! But I snuck and took this one! ha ha!!!!

The girls loved picking flowers (they were actually blooms) all over town. Here are a few pictures of them posing w/ their flowers in front of more flowers. The Azaleas were in full bloom. It was gorgeous!

In one of the parks I asked if someone could stroll the stroller for me so that I could take pictures. Lilee jumped out of it and said I will. LOL!!!! So she did.... even though she can not see over the top of it. I finally had to make her get back in, but told her I really appreciated her help, if that is what it was.....she tried at least! ;0)

We took a stroll through the cemetery during the day to give the kids a history lesson. We found graves that were 300 yrs. old.

Taking a break......

This was one of the houses that was near our car. It had Lady Bank roses growing all over it! 2 different shades of yellow.

This picture of the Cathedral was actually taken at night on one of our walks, but we walked by it many times.

We did go inside it too! It was breath-taking!!!!

Also , on our way back to the car we saw a wedding getting ready to take place in one of the parks .So, we found a nice resting place and watched it. We even got to see the bride pull up in a horse and carriage.

It was a pretty wonderful and tiring day!

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Jenny said...

What an AWESOME day you all had!!! LOVE all the beautiful pics!! Can't wait to see more and read about the rest of your trip!!!