Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tybee Island and Savannah.....Day 4

Day 4 was pretty low key, we were still tired from the day before. We literally went all day long on Day 3.... so stay tuned. I did not take to many pictures this day.

We had a later start on Day 4..... It was suppose to rain, so I planned an indoor rainy day. It ended up being very pretty.Our trip was pretty much rain free except one night we had a down poor.

We went to the GA State University (I think.... there were 2 Universities pretty close together) on Skidaway Island to an Aquarium. It was pretty small and had local sea creatures. Jordan was the only one who would pick any of them up. Lilee said the crab below looked like a spider, and it kind of did.

Joel did pick up a horse shoe crab once by the tail but them never touched anything else. I guess he didn't care for it. Lol!

Jordan showing the girls the crab. Lilee thought its eyes were funny!

They also had a Nature trail but it was right off the water and the wind was to chilly so we skipped that. Karlton and I did walk out to see the beautiful view, but hurried back inside.

The girls posing in their matching outfits. This was Sara Ava's idea to take a picture in from of the rock or coral.

After the Aquarium we went to the movies. Karlton and the 2 older boys went to see something and me and the 3 little ones went to see The Last Song. It was a good movie , but a bit of a tear jerker! The movie was a bit of a surprise!!! The whole movie was made down in the area we were at. Ronnie (Miley Cyrus) went to stay with her dad on Tybee Island. We stayed about a block from the house and we played ( everyday) on the beach were it was filmed. Then we went to Wormsloe Plantation were Will (Liam Hemsworth) lived. So it was pretty awesome to watch a movie you knew where everything was shot at. I will post pictures of those in days to come. That way if you watch the movie you will know where they were at. ;0)
After the movie we went back to play on the beach. Well everyone else did .... I got to run my 4 miles on the Beach. It was awesome! I soooo much rather run on the beach then around my neighborhood any day! The breeze keeps you cool while it is so beautiful and peaceful! I did have one little spill...... I was jumping over a creek and made it, but once on the other side my foot sunk in the sand quite a bit and I did not realize so when I started to run I fell (almost) flat on my face. I caught my self with my elbow ..... I got up ..... dusted off and finished my run. It was a little embarrassing but I did not get hurt. The sand absorbed my fall! ;0) lol!!!
So, that was pretty much day 4 ..... other then we went to eat at Spanky's that is beach side and a less then a block from our condo, then rented a movie for the kids.

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