Friday, April 2, 2010

Please Pray For Jordan!

Jordan is in Washington D.C. with his 8th grade class this week. They left at 1 am on Wed. morning and are returning Easter morning at 1-2 am. Please pray for him while he is away from home and traveling. Washington is along way from SC, and mommy is always nervous when her children are far from home or her! ;0)

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago when Jordan received an award at a City Council meeting for Junior Scholar. Only 12 received this award for the 8th grade and he was one of the 12. Way to go Jordan!!! We are very proud of you!!! Keep up the hard work!


Judi and Elaina said...

Keeping Jordan in my prayers as he travels. What an honor!!

~Issy said...

I stumbled across you from "She's Going Bananas".... must be so proud of your Jordan! I'll keep him (and you!) in my prayers as he travels.

Mary Ann said...

Thank You Issy! And thanks for stopping by! ;0)

Nana said...

Way to go Jordan! We are so proud
of you for doing so good in school.
We are praying for safe travels on your trip to Washington, D.C. and hope you had a great time.
Call us and tell us all about it after you get rested up.
Love you very much!!!!!!!!!

jodi said...

congrats Jordan!