Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Is Definately Here!!!!

It took so long for the warm weather to reach us here in good ol SC.... But now that it has I think we went straight to summer! We reached 87 yesterday and are suppose to be in the 80's all week! Ya!!!! I am a summer girl.... I love the heat!!! I said I was ready to skip the 60's and 70's and go straight for the 80's and we have!

My yard is in bloom! I have more daffodils this year then any other. I have picked many bouquets and still have plenty left. My tree's are in bloom too... still waiting on the dogwood though. I think it is waiting for the perfect day..... Easter maybe? ;0) they say that Jesus' cross was made out of dogwood. Ever heard that story of how the flowers look like they have a cross in the middle out of the color of blood???? Here are a few pics. I took over the weekend. Hope you enjoy them!


Mom (Nana) said...

Mary Ann,
Your flowers are so beautiful. Don't
you just love spring! The only thing
I don't like is the pollen covering
everything. You can't wash it off. It
just covers everything again. Oh, well it will be gone soon. Then every
thing will be pretty again.
Keep up the great photography work or
should I say to quote Sara Ava -be
a retard taking pictures. (That was
Love ya bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jodi said...

beautiful flowers!!